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Kuzbass is one of the largest coal basins in Russia

Benefits of our Kuzbass coal

The majority of Russian coal (almost 60%) is being mined in the Kuznetsk coal basin.

The basin occupies a vast cavity in Western Siberia.

Kuzbass is one of the largest coal basins in Russia and the main supplier of processed raw material to the Russian industries. The conditioned reserves of black coal in Kuzbass exceed the total world’s reserves of oil and natural gas by more than 7 times. Today, the reserves of coking coals in Kuzbass account for 73% of the total reserves of these types of coal in the developed coal basins of Russia, and over 80% of Russia’s coking coals are mined in Kuzbass. 

Kuzbass coals are of unique quality. They come in almost all process grades and groups from brown coals to anthracites. Their main natural advantage over the coals from other basins of the world, however, is that they combine such qualitative indicators as:

High calorific value

Low sulphur content

Low moisture

Medium ash

These indicators are much better than the average ones in the Russian coal industry.

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