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The Collectives work-spaces provide

Our Company

Vagmatech is a partner that can handle secure and efficient top-quality coal procurement which is a key strategic asset for anyone operating in the iron, steel and energy industries.

With connections located in different areas around the globe Vagmatech can provide the best possible sales conditions, avoiding price fluctuations and market speculation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate the best general trades business in Asia and to create long-term value for our clients through a passionate commitment to excellence and a disciplined management process, which together drive a sustained competitive advantage in today’s dynamic market situation.

We establish long lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

Our Vision

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Private Office

The Collectives work-spaces provide

Meeting Room

 With beautifully furnished private rooms,

Open Space

Live as part of a community

Our Benefits

Benefits to Setting Up Your Startup in Our Coworking Space

We are proud of what we have come up to at our center! Only here you get to enjoy with talented people who work in different areas, designers, photographers, engineers etc. 

  • 1.Actual office space that promoting productivity
  • 2.Meaningful connections with your team
  • 3.Increased productivity to get some work done

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