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Leader in Global Recycling

Having been in business for a span of 10 years and a leader in the area of environmental sustainability, Vagmatech has been incorporated in 2018 with a dream and vision to be the best coal supplier in Asia, by providing custom mining solutions to our clients that are efficient and responsible.

Coal remains a major component of global fuel supplies, accounting for 27% of all energy used worldwide and making up 38% of electricity generation. It plays a crucial role in industries such as iron and steel. 

Coal is needed in almost every development in human civilization, from metal refining to the creation of the first steam engine. The demand for coal has seen a continuous rise since the second century. Coal is the most critical energy resource in emerging, highly populated countries such as China and India.

Coal mining is one of the world’s most lucrative industries. Every year hundreds of companies attempt to break into the market. Suppliers, customers and regulators of the industry are only willing to do business with trustworthy companies. We at Vagmatech understand this and work towards this principle that the coal industry is based on interpersonal trust, industry connections, technical know-how and the ability to navigate the policies of various governments. Coal business thus requires a range of expertise, from engineering to legal logistics. Our team has extensive experience in fields ranging from engineering and procurement, to construction contracting services.

Our aim is to earn a reputation as Asia’s most trusted & reliable Coal supplier. We as a team at Vagmatech , pledge to do our best to satisfy Asia’s growing Coal demand in the most sustainable and efficient manner.

Ryan Sumesh
CEO & Chairman
Vagmatech Energy & Resources Pte Ltd
Winner of EYA 2018
Award for Innovation & Technology – Establish Entrepreneur Category

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